Rant: How Women Really ARE the Root of All Evil

June 29, 2011 at 12:02 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I think that a huge part of growing up and becoming a man lies in realizing the best way to attract a woman. After all, it’s our job as the male half of the species to do whatever it takes to get a female in bed with us. And, hopefully, having our children and passing on our genes. That’s what we’re biologically hard-wired to do. No amount of social conditioning or change can overcome that need. But what about a woman? Her biological hard-wiring is finding the best protection and provision for her children. That means finding a male who can provide food and security for her and her children.

It’s taken me a while to realize it, but the game changes slightly in our “civilized” world. The objectives aren’t different, but the means by which we go about it are. For example, a silverback male gorilla’s prowess might lie in his physical strength to overpower competitive males, his ability to gather food and his ability to command others of the species to do as he wishes. Certainly this is the example of the alpha male, holding all the cards. In human terms, it’s a little muddier. We aren’t still foraging the land for food or fighting each other constantly in a physical way (unless you live in the South). But, males are still looked upon to be providers.
We all know men are shallow. They want a hot piece of ass to fuck and that’s really 90% of what they care about. Even the noblest of men can only get that percentage down to around 80 or so. But women are really that shallow, too. They just have a different set of indicators. What are they? Well, after much “growing up” and many “studies,” the answer is pretty clear. Women care about social status (i.e., power), money (ability to provide) and looks. What they’re into might not be so clear though. Ever wonder why that insanely hot, smart girl goes for the dickwad, skinny pale programmers? That’s her version of hot. That’s the most unpredictable piece of the puzzle in figuring out what women go for, so you’re better off focusing on the other two: money and power.

That’s right. Get lots of money and power and you are a very secure provider. Women are shallow in that they are extremely materialistic. Take a look around. It doesn’t take long to figure that all the trophy wives are fucking someone who has what seems like an infinite supply of money. They have a boat, several cars, a few trucks, a house or two, land, work for themselves, the list goes on. They’re the guys who, week after week, you wonder how they’re paying this and that. They’re the guys dumping money into a run-down property that you know they’ll never get back if they sell. You know who I’m talking about – and they have the hottest wives and girlfriends. Sometimes they even have several. And when you look at things like this, it’s no wonder fugly politicians who are complete slimeballs get an infinite supply of tail.

But how does this amount to women being the root of all evil? Well, it’s quite simple. Put on your treehugger glasses for a moment. What are some things we typically see as being bad for the environment? Huge, shiny pickup trucks sitting in stop-and-go city traffic are a fantastic example. It’s clearly a kick in the face to mother nature, it’s absolutely unnecessary in the city, it’s shiny and brand new so it couldn’t be used for work anyway and it’s 100% there to say “I’m a bigshot with money to burn (literally).”  And women fucking love it. Women LOVE a man who can pour thousands into the tank whenever they fill up each year. Why? Because it means they have a huge disposable income (or at least appear to). And that means that not only will their children be secure, but they won’t have to work and they can enjoy life by spending tons of money on pointless materialistic things like clothes, coffee with the girls, going on road trips, flights, etc.

Women want all the rewards of hard work with none of the hard work. They want an endless pile of cash to burn through, but they don’t really care how it gets there. Now, they’re smart about this. They know they have a good body and that men will do anything for it. If what they want is a huge house and a luxurious life, they’ll sleep with whoever they have to sleep with to get it. You see it all the time – it shouldn’t even be a surprise, really.

So, as a man, what is the logical thing to do? The first thing to do is to attempt to legitimately get rich. But if it were easy, every guy on the face of the earth would be a millionaire. So, only some men make it to the top of the business world as owners. Some are born into it – they really have it the best, with a brand new Mustang or Jaguar in their 20’s and a huge cash flow from a family-owned business they will inherit. And threesomes every week. The good kind.

The next-best thing is to PRETEND like you’re rich. For a man, pretending to be rich has less to do with competing with the neighbors (keeping up with the Joneses, as the saying goes) and more to do with fulfilling his biological purpose: having sex with as many of the hottest women he can. If women basically hand him a manual that says “The amount and quality of sex you get is directly related to your disposable income,” he’s going to do everything in his power to become rich and powerful or ACT rich and powerful. Thus, we see a vast majority of the population living far beyond its means and financing its wealthy lifestyle with debt. A debt-ridden economy full of unproductive employees is a sure recipe for economic failure, and here we are today in the midst of a seemingly endless economic failure.

This whole transparent shallow game of attraction does raise one important question, however: the question of whether or not an emotional bond is possible, desirable or even a well-defined concept. We grow up as children with these fancy ideals of romantic love that lasts forever, and we see it replicated in movies and sometimes in our lives (we don’t see what’s really happening, we’re too young). Understandably, our first relationships are centered on the idea that we could find someone to love us and enjoy life with. The part where you become a cynical adult is when you realize that all the shit they told you growing up was a lie. Sure, you may have an amazing experience with someone in college or something, but there’s always something to end your relationship. Note that there’s always SOMETHING that ends the relationship. The only thing that will keep men coming back is a beautiful woman, and the only thing that will keep a woman faithful is an ever-increasing material status. Note that as women get older, their husbands buy them progressively “nicer” vehicles, progressively larger houses and progressively more wasteful, unnecessary furniture sets, TVs, decorations, clothes, etc.

So is an emotional relationship possible? I asked a wise friend of mine for some insight. His idea was that it is possible, but that it follows the shallow materialistic attraction. If the materialistic needs of the woman can be met and she can hold his physical interest for long enough, and both partners are of the age where they would both consider getting married, then a marriage will happen. Usually, women will not consider marriage until their biological clock starts ticking, by the way. When the marriage doesn’t end in divorce, the two “love” each other in the sense that they come to deal with the things about the other person that they don’t like. You might liken it to a state of equilibrium where each party perceives that the benefits derived from the relationship are better than the drawbacks. Sometimes, the mutually perceived disadvantages of breaking up keep a couple together, although this is somewhat unrelated.

As for myself, I’m a single, frugal, financially responsible male. With frugality and fiscal responsibility comes great loneliness and frustration. I turn my air conditioning off during the day, and I only turn it below 75 degrees well after the sun has gone down. I drive a small car that gets phenomenal mileage and looks like a fairy princess next to a diesel hemi extended cab (which I’m surrounded by every day because I live in Oklahoma). I put no less than 30% of my salary into liquid assets that generally appreciate in value or earn me passive income. I rarely go out to eat and I don’t have any luxuries like digital cable, a data plan on my phone or expensive electronics. I plan travel months in advance and generally spend as little money as possible on trips. I live out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by grumpy old men and bugs. There is almost nothing desirable about where I live, so it costs me next to nothing to live here. In so doing, however, I forego most of the marriage pool that is my age. After all, what woman wants to live a financially responsible life? I forego countless opportunities at shallow, short-lived relationships that could result in sex. I forego countless opportunities at friendship and I live mainly in isolation. I am also throwing away the best years of my life, from a physical perspective.

On the rare occasion that I do go on a date with a girl, I usually insist that the bill be split. Unless she’s REALLY hot. Why? Because I figure it’s a fair trade. The chances that she has sex with me on the first date are exceptionally low. The chances that she has sex with me on the first date if I pay for it are marginally higher. I figure that it’s still too negligible to justify. Of course, you could figure that the chances she goes on a second date with me are higher if I show off some money and power. That’s probably true. But usually women hold out for a good, long while before they have sex with you or perform any sexual favors of any kind. That makes it a pretty expensive lay (or blow). And as much as I love fucking women, I know I can’t afford most of them right now. And most of them really just aren’t worth their asking price, quite frankly. Nor are they worth the drama they cause when they realize you just used them – kind of like they just used you. Except it’s bad when guys do it. Yeah.

So, the moral of the story is that women are indeed the root of all evil. They are a great excuse to destroy the environment, be it by owning a destructive but efficient business, a huge vehicle or house or just living an immodest lifestyle in general. They have had a huge influence on where our economy is today with their ruthless, unapologetic spending and the way they require men to be everything that is the opposite of financially responsible. It’s really quite comforting to know that women are just as shallow as men, though. Even if it is in different ways. What ticks me off is that they go about touting noble things like honesty, personality and other bullshit. That’s what sends me to the end of my tether. They don’t care about that shit any more than men do. Your shit stinks, too, my vagina-possessing friends. You’re no better than the rest of us. I think you’re even worse, really. I’ll save my money for more useful things.



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  1. Lots of things I’d love to disagree with, but can’t.

  2. Soooo much fucking truth. With the knowledge I have now about just how much bullshit ‘romance’ is, if I had to choose a life between doing all the shit required to get women and actually doing what I love and getting next to no women, I’ll choose B. I have a friend that gets hella women but I dont envy him. I know him well, and I know that deep inside, the costs and sacrifices for him to get the tail he does, makes him unhappy. The fact that he puts his true, confessed (to me) wants and desires and hobbies on hold in order to get more women is depressing, because what he truly wants to do doesn’t pay well enough for gold digging whores and isn’t attractive. I’ll take a life of doing what the fuck I want to do. And you know what? If I really get desperate and dont have a gf, I’ll buy a pocket pussy that feels as good or better and doesn’t nag me for stupid bullshit during the day.
    Women are the most destructive issue our econony faces, it really is true.

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